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Know your lipstick 💄

Step into the enchanting world of "Berries,"– where beauty meets nature in a luscious dance of colors. Crafted with care, our matte lipstick is a poetic blend of earth's finest ingredients, including the enchanting COPERNICIA CERIFERA (CARNAUBA) WAX, nourishing CASTOR OIL, velvety SHEA BUTTER, and the golden whispers of SIMMONDSIA CHINENSIS (JOJOBA) SEED OIL.
Enveloping your lips in a tender embrace, the formula, crowned by ETHYLHEXYL PALMITATE, dances with the whisper of CERESIN, the allure of MICA, and the elegance of TRIDECYL TRIMELLITATE. A harmonious ballet continues with MICROCRYSTALLINE WAX and the grace of SILICA, all kissed by the soothing essence of TOCOPHEROLS.
 Berries is more than a lipstick; it's a love letter to hydration. Feel the kiss of moisture, a gentle breeze that keeps your lips luxuriously plump, never forsaking their natural grace. Berries prides itself on its commitment to cruelty-free beauty, intertwining concoctions with nature's grace.
Picture a canvas adorned with the palette of colors cherished by women, Berries' palette is a reflection of the shades that have whispered secrets to women for centuries, each hue a chapter in the book of femininity.
Time halts when Berries graces your lips, an 8-hour sonnet of endurance and allure. Raindrops may fall, but this waterproof treasure maintains its regal richness, a testament to the resilience of true beauty.
"Berries" – where every application is a brushstroke of sophistication, and each glance in the mirror reveals a tale of beauty that transcends time.


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Quality & Hygiene
- All cosmetics adhere meticulously to standards set with the regulations of cosmetics.
- Ensuring highest level of hygiene and product efficacy.
- Our unwavering commitment to these regulations serves as a testament to our dedication in delivering services.
- Crafted to exceed the discerning expectations of our esteemed clientele.
- Made with Love- "Berries"